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AML Training

Up-to-date AML training videos

Give your team a solid foundation in AML with online training videos for all your employees, and your MLRO and senior management. Never miss an AML regulatory update — you’ll be notified when videos are updated with new guidance.

Business-wide training for all gives a comprehensive overview of the AML regulations, the resulting responsibilities and is up to date with the latest guidance.
Prepare the person in charge of your money laundering reporting and senior management for their responsibilities with specific training.
Sector-specific training videos show your teams the risks they might face in their sector.
Learn about new and evolving risks with specialist training on topics such as cryptocurrency and cybercrime.

Prove your employees knowledge

For every AML video there’s a multiple choice test to show your employees’ understanding of the subject. These are time and date stamped and saved to your audit trail, easily accessible for when your inspection comes around.

Videos can be repeated and tests retaken if an employee doesn’t quite have the knowledge to obtain the 80% pass mark.
Quickly see gaps in knowledge – results are saved to an individual’s AMLCC profile, and your MLRO has full records at all times.
Easily prove compliance by showing your regulator that you and your employees have been educated in AML.
Download detailed certificates for each test taken.

Continuous training, platform-wide

We’ve built education into every part of the AMLCC platform. The AML policy, all risk assessments and your AML dashboard have useful instructions and pop-up information boxes with additional guidance.

Strengthen your knowledge with reinforcement of your sector’s AML guidance and legislation.
Understand why and how to reduce high-risks when they’re flagged, with suggested risk mitigation steps in the business and client risk assessments
Prove your understanding and explain the reasoning behind your decisions by using the comment boxes to annotate your risk assessments.
Id Verification

ID Verification

Id Verification

PEP and Sanctions Checks

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Internal SAR Portal

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Live Dashboard

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Business Risk Assessments

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Document Management

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Client Linking

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Supervisor-ready Reports

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Reusable Client Profiles

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Client Risk Assessments

AML Policy

AML Policy

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