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Internal SAR Portal

Report suspicious activity online

Manage the reporting process from one, central location. If any of your employees suspect money laundering or any other criminal activity by a client, AMLCC’s Internal SAR Portal is equipped to guide them through every step of the reporting process.

Deliver all the necessary information to your MLRO by answering every question the NCA asks.
Know your employees are supported with helpful pop-ups throughout the portal, giving instructions on the correct information to put in their report.
Your MLRO can review the evidence in each online report and decide the next steps, leaving comments on their reasoning in the audit trail.
Prove you’ve reported your knowledge or suspicions with the audit trail, which can be shown to your regulator at any time.

Know when and how to act on suspicions

Get help and guidance with your AML responsibilities. AMLCC’s AML Training and platform-wide guidance show you and your employees exactly what to look for.

Learn how to spot suspicious activity with online training which include specific videos for different levels of employee and sector-specific training.
Enable your MLRO to reach a decision on whether to make a report with additional management training.
Every business and client risk assessment explains the potential risks your business is facing or your clients present.
Empower employees to quickly and easily make an internal report if they come across anything they’re concerned about.
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Id Verification

ID Verification

Id Verification

PEP and Sanctions Checks

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Business Risk Assessments

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Supervisor-ready Reports

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AML Policy

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