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Digestible risk stats

Determine which parts of your AML needs extra resources. Colour-coded charts make it easy to see a summary of all your clients according to risk status and determine which clients are yet to be assessed.

Understand your exposure to risk with charts showing completed and outstanding client due diligence work, to help apply the risk based approach.
Navigate straight to a client to perform or update a risk assessment or run a verification report.
Easily view a list of all clients in each risk category and download a spreadsheet of all clients according to risk status.
Separately view all clients that require EDD and see whether those EDD measures have been satisfied.
View all secondary client transaction risk assessments displayed in additional charts.

Get a holistic view

Access detailed information related to your AML activity, designed to give you clarity on your business and your clients.

View the details of any documented transactions that link clients together, complete with a risk report for each transaction.
See any associated groups of corporate structures and clients linked for tax purposes or any other reason.
Manage your subscription with at-a-glance details, such as your next AMLCC renewal date.
Instantly see if you have any add-ons such as client ID checks available and purchase more.

See your workflow at a glance

Plan the resources you’ll need for your AML work ahead of time. The Live Dashboard shows you which work needs to be done and when, so that you can brief your employees well in advance.

Keep track of the dates when your business’ AML documents need updating.
Get prepared with graphs of the client risk assessments expiring in the next 4 weeks and 4 to 8 weeks.
Supervise all employees’ training with a training progress summary.
Monitor which employees have read and acknowledged the latest AML policy – and importantly, which haven’t.
Your MLRO can quickly respond to risk mitigation requests with live alerts.
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Id Verification

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