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PEP and Sanctions Checks

Check multiple lists with one click

There’s many domains, registers and lists you need to check your clients against. Run a check of sanctions, PEPs, persons of special interest and UK disqualified directors in seconds – and benefit from continual monitoring for 12 months.

Know with certainty that your client isn’t on a PEP or sanctions list and has no other public high-risk identity factors, before you enter into a business relationship.
Constant monitoring for 12 months after the initial check gives you an immediate warning if a client’s status changes.
All costs are up front, with no additional licence fee and all credits for checks purchased are valid for 3 years until used.
Extend the continuous monitoring every 12 months for as little as 20p.

Complete 1000s of checks in less than a minute

From your AMLCC profile, you can run PEP, sanctions, persons of special interest and UK disqualified directors checks on every client or beneficial owner. These checks can be completed for your entire client-base in one go, run by client type or completed individually from pre-purchased credits.

Only take further action when there’s a potential match. Then quickly assess the results and confirm your client’s status using the simplified layout and clear labelling.
Database matches are displayed on your central dashboard, so you can easily see how many clients need to be checked.
Navigate directly to the results of each client from your dashboard.

Buy PEP, sanctions and other list checks on a pay-as-you-go basis

From £1.05 — £2.00 per check (excluding VAT).
Extended annual continuous monitoring from 20p – 60p (excluding VAT).

Get the assurance you need to begin a new business relationship. Check your clients against multiple UK, UN and international databases.

Enjoy the value of buying your checks in bulk without worrying about them expiring: you have 3 years to use them.

Every check comes with free continuous monitoring for 12 months. You can extend this for a further 12 months at a time for as little as 20p.

Keep your business safe and fulfil all your AML obligations. All online. All in one place.

Save time with our onboarding service

If you’re onboarding your whole client-base at once, we can help. Our AML experts can upload the details, per client type, from your own data.

We’ll run a PEP and sanctions, and ID validation check, for every client or beneficial owner on your behalf and add them to your AMLCC platform. Then it’s over to you to personalise their profile by completing a risk assessment and taking action on any high-risk factors.

Onboarding is priced according to the number of clients.

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