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ID Verification

Manage the process in your own way

Continue with your business’ AML-compliant ID verification and validation processes or create new ones. AMLCC’s flexible platform can be adapted to the way of working that best suits your business.

Add details of manually verified and certified proof of identity and address documents, such as passports and utility bills, and upload the documents for encrypted storage.
Manually confirm that you’ve validated a client’s ability to do business in the UK using the sanctions lists and gathered PEP information.
Access add-on, pay-as-you-go digital ID verification and validation checks (including sanctions and PEP checks) through AMLCC.
Easily upload and store the digital checks you’ve completed with any other provider.

Access pay-as-you-go digital checks

Making client ID verification and validation checks digitally removes human error and can give you the most accurate information on your client, so that you can make an informed decision before doing business.

Biometric identity verification checks

From £6.90 — £7.95 per check (excluding VAT) dependent on amount purchased. Supplied by Mitek (Hooyu).

If you can’t meet a client in person or want to be absolutely sure that your client is who they say they are, you can run a biometric ID check. The online biometric check compares your client’s government-issued photo identity with live images captured by the online system.

Multi-point face recognition & liveness anti-spoofing detection.
Quickly returns a clear pass or fail result.
Also included: a false document check against your client’s bank statement, utility bill or council tax bill.

Client identity validation checks

From £2.00 — £0.90 per check (excluding VAT) depending on amount purchased and valid for 3 years. The report includes data from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Check if your client or a beneficial owner’s identity exists. Simply press the button on the client details page and a time- and date-stamped, downloadable report is produced and stored in a few seconds. This report will have checked a number of UK databases including:

The Electoral Roll
Name and date of birth matches
Address matches
Deceased databases
Credit reference records
UK County Court Judgements
Bankruptcy and insolvency
UK telephone records
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