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AML Policy

We do the hard work for you

AMLCC’s AML Policy is complete with all the words, including guidance, you might need to create your business’ AML policies, controls and procedures. Achieve compliance by customising it to your business’ situation.

Choose only the sections relevant to your business then edit and tailor them to create your business’ policies, controls and procedures.
Reorder the sections as you choose and add your own bespoke sections too.
Automatic addition of your specific business services saves you time.

Always up to date with guidance

Stay up-to-date with every new piece of legislation. AMLCC’s draft AML Policy is updated to reflect changes in regulations and sector guidance.

Quickly review and add regulations and sector guidance updates to your business’ policy to keep you protected.
Every updated version of your AML Policy is saved with the new regulations and sector guidance and added to your audit trail.
AMLCC prompts all users to confirm they’ve read and understood the updates to regulations and sector guidance.

Stay compliant with all your obligations

Save time and resources keeping your AML policy updated and in line with regulations. AMLCC tells you annually when it’s time to review your policy, unless an earlier update’s been necessary.

Recall every edition of your AML Policy from the dated PDFs of each revised policy that are stored in your audit trail.
Stay in control of changes, with new versions of your AML Policy only being published after senior management approval is recorded.
Engaging with employees is quicker with AMLCC’s automatic prompts, which require every user to confirm they’ve read and understood each updated policy.
See which employees have read and acknowledged a new policy using your dashboard and training records, and instantly access details to show your supervisor.
Manage your workload using your dashboard, which shows you when the annual AML Policy update is due.
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