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Document Management

A secure audit trail

Grant your supervisor read-only access to your AMLCC platform to show them your history of compliance. Every document uploaded to AMLCC or created in the platform is saved and time- and date-stamped, and can be downloaded as a PDF.

Prove compliance in minutes by producing a complete copy of your business’ and clients’ AML documents for your supervisor or law enforcement.
Upload and store non-AMLCC documents that are relevant to your business or clients, such as certified passport copies or utility bills.
Manage your business’ AML activity with immediate access to all AML documents ever produced.
Keep training records, internal SAR reports, AML document updates and more in one, secure location.

Absolute peace of mind

Data security is a top priority for all businesses. Using AMLCC to digitally store your documents significantly reduces the risk of your AML documents being compromised.

Remove the worry of lost documents due to computer or software errors with AMLCC’s cloud-based platform.
Stay completely secure: AMLCC’s encrypted platform cannot be accessed by anyone else.
Double-down on security with two-factor authentication every time you log in.
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Internal SAR Portal

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Live Dashboard

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Business Risk Assessments

Id Verification

ID Verification

Id Verification

PEP and Sanctions Checks

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Client Linking

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Supervisor-ready Reports

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Reusable Client Profiles

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Client Risk Assessments

AML Policy

AML Policy

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Part Subscription

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