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Client Risk Assessments

Manage your client risk assessments effectively and efficiently

Easily confirm a client’s risk status using the comprehensive set of questions for their client type. Guidance explaining risks, questions to shape the risk profile and suggested mitigation steps are all provided.

The online format is easy to use and quick to fill in. Answer most questions using ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.
Show your understanding of a client by using comment boxes to describe their key features and to acknowledge potential risks, as well as mitigation measures in place.
Prove you really know the client you’re risk assessing, with specific KYC information added at the beginning of the report to bring your client to life for your supervisor.
Upload supporting documents to any question.
Evaluate the risk of separate assignments or transactions linked to the client with secondary client-risk assessments.

Extra help with high-risk clients

Give your employees the practical knowledge of AML that’s essential to their role in protecting your business. When a high-risk is detected, your employees are given guidance on why that scenario is high risk and suggestions on how to mitigate the risk.

Enhanced due diligence questions are triggered when required and the steps explained.
Show the actions you’ve taken to reduce risk by adding comments and documents to all risk assessments.
Employees can use AMLCC to get confirmation from the MLRO that their suggested risk mitigation steps are appropriate.
All changes and updates are logged in the detailed audit trail.

Keep track of your AML work

When your client’s situation changes or the work you do with them evolves, your risk assessment needs to be updated too. Complete this work in minutes, with every update saved in your audit trail, ready for you to access at any time.

Change only the answers you need to instead of starting from scratch.
View every new or updated risk assessment online or as a PDF, time- and date-stamped.
The PDF report summarises risks, displays an overall risk status, separate proliferation financing risk status and if enhance due diligence has been required.
View a full audit trail detailing changes made and who made them whenever you need to, or grant read-only access to your supervisor or law enforcement.


Save time for clients with similar risk profiles

Make your risk assessments more efficient for clients of the same client type, in the same industry or with similar profiles. Create and save a set of risk assessment answers using a Reusable Client Profile. Saved with model answers, they form a base to quickly identify the risks of each client.

Reduce the time spent onboarding multiple, similar clients.
Easily make adjustments to each client’s risk assessment to make it unique.
Use each set of saved model answers an unlimited amount of times.
These are an add-on feature – only purchase them if you think they’ll save you time.
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