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Reusable Client Profiles

Simplify your onboarding

Use a Reusable Client Profile to create model answers for clients of a similar type. Then, whenever you onboard a client of this type and risk, you can use the profile as a base.

Reusable Client Profiles help you apply the risk based approach.
Create draft comments in each Profile to explain the mitigation steps commonly used by your business.
Still make each client risk assessment unique by editing client-specific answers, comments and mitigation steps. But only the changes that need to be made.
Create multiple Reusable Client Profiles for different client, entity and service types.
Use each model as many times as you want to on new or existing clients.
Enhanced due diligence steps will still be flagged for each client, where appropriate.

Make each Profile your own

Update the model answers on each Profile any time you want to.
Use existing client risk assessments as a template for your Reusable Client Profiles.
Access your Profiles in a dedicated section of AMLCC, for easy management.
Delete each Profile to rename or reuse it for a different client type, whenever you need to.
These profiles are an add-on feature and you can buy as many as you need.
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