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Supervisor-ready Reports

Everything they need to see. In one place.

You never know when you’ll have a full inspection, be asked to prove a certain element of your AML compliance in a ‘spot check’ or even have a knock on the door from law enforcement. Make sure you’re ready by using AMLCC to complete all your AML work – all online, all in one place.

Show your supervisor or law enforcement all the necessary information and documents to demonstrate you’re complying with your AML obligations. Including:

full training records for all employees and agents.
a detailed, bespoke business-wide risk assessment.
a fully customised set of AML policies, controls and procedures.
acknowledgement from all employees that they’ve read and understood each new AML policy.
all completed client due diligence, including client-specific risk assessments.
any secondary business risk assessments and individual client transaction risk assessments.
all internal SARs, which mirror all questions asked by the NCA, along with your decision making.

AML policies, controls and procedures (PCPs) reporting

Show your completely customised PCPs, including your business services and all key business information.

Show that the latest version was approved by senior management prior to publication.
Prove all staff have read and acknowledged the latest version of your PCPs and any previous versions, whenever you’re asked to.

Business risk assessments reporting

Generate a summary of the status of all risks, the overall business-wide risk and the proliferation financing risk status, available online or as a PDF.

Allow your supervisor to see a summary table of key risks such as PEPs, clients on the sanctions list or clients involved in high-risk third countries.
Show you’re using the risk based approach by attaching any comments and documents added to business risk assessments questions to the report.
Add detailed additional business information that your specific supervisor requires.

Client and transaction risk assessments report

Produce an online or PDF report summarising the status of all risks, the overall risk of the client and the proliferation financing risk status.

Allow your supervisor to see a summary table of key risks such PEP, on the sanctions list, holding virtual assets or involved in high-risk third countries.
Show you’ve taken enhanced due diligence steps whenever they’ve been triggered as part of the risk assessment process.
Prove you really know the client you’re risk assessing, with specific KYC information added at the beginning of the report to bring your client to life for your supervisor.
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